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Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability
When faced with an employee who has become disabled, uninsured employers have few options. Do you continue to pay all or part of a salary? Offer unpaid leave? Terminate employment? For an employer and employee, the choices can be devastating. An insured Long Term Disability plan will replace up to 66 2/3% of an employee's income up to the age of 67 in a situation where catastrophic illness or injury exists. A managed LTD plan allows an employer to outsource the difficult decisions surrounding a disabled employee to disability experts. Along with income protection, most disability plans offer rehabilitation and return-to-work services that are essential to the recovery of disabled employees. The goal of Long Term Disability insurance is to financially protect and proactively return disabled employees to a productive life.

Short Term Disability
An injured employee is worried about many things, including surviving without a paycheck. If an accident happened off the job, Workers Compensation will not cover it. If an employee has to rely on savings, research shows this will last on average just 4.8 weeks. Focusing on short term disability is the first step to gaining control of overall disability costs. A well-managed STD plan can help an employer identify, track and handle claims professionally and consistently. Active claim management through a fully-insured plan can help shorten the duration of disabilities through rehabilitation and return-to-work efforts, reducing your costs and preventing short term disabilities from turning into long term disabilities.